Sheena moved back to Pakistan in 2013 after having lived abroad for 8 years. Standing in line every morning in London, she would wait for her freshly baked cookie before walking to class. Ask Sheena her biggest fear moving back home? Where would she get those cookies!

When Sheena moved back, she realized that locally a biscuit would be called a cookie and had nowhere to go for that craving to be satisfied. This was when she decided to spend days and nights developing that perfect recipe for herself to eat. With time, as her family and friends began tasting them, she was constantly asked to bake. This is when she realized that as a small home based business from her mother’s pantry, she would start taking a few orders to satisfy cravings of people who were as obsessed with cookies as her!

From a hobby to a full-fledged business. Multiple team members and partners, Sheena can proudly call herself Pakistan’s First freshly baked Cookie House. Adamant to teach the difference between a biscuit and a cookie, Karamel has opened multiple spots across the country, nationwide delivery and produce desserts for big brands in the industry.

Using the finest ingredients, a super duper team, passion beyond belief across the board within Karamel, this story of a Karachi girl is here to stay! As Karamel keeps growing, hitting new milestones, Karamel plans to wow our customers away by sticking to our saying! Warning! Highly addictive! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

This is just the start to our journey and we will continue Doughing Happiness in every Bite!